Department of Education Student Financial Assistance Can Help

The internet continues to prove itself to be one of the most powerful and versatile resources that individuals can use. The search for money for education is no exception to this. The US Department of Education student financial assistance pages are an excellent example of this. You can access the Department of Education’s page and begin planning your educational career now.

There are a number of significant benefits available to those that visit the US Department of Education student financial assistance pages. Among them is concise information about the federal aid that is available. This information will provide you with a basic understanding that prepares you to approach education funding. The US Department of Education student financial assistance goes well beyond the beginning of securing funding though. It provides information that will be useful for managing your education while in school and managing any remaining debt that you may have when you graduate. The result is a comprehensive resource for your entire educational career.

The fact is that no single site can supply you with all the information that may be useful to you. The US Department of Education’s site provides links to other trusted sites to compliment the resources that it does have. In this way the pages work to provide you with more complete information about the topics that you need to know about. The information is not limited to generalities though. If you are ready to get to the details there is a seamless progression to that on the site.

On the US Department of Education student financial assistance pages you can find links that take you directly to the applications that you need to complete to secure financial aid. It removes the questions of what is next. If you need to apply for aid then you can click the apply for aid link and follow the step-by-step. It really is that simple. You do not need to pay for the information. The US Department of Education student financial assistance pages are free to access and the FAFSA is free to complete and submit. You can literally have an estimate of what you will receive in minutes.

It even provides resources that allow you to search for scholarships that are not government-based. All of this is designed to help you get the money that you need for the education that you want. If you are ready to begin your search into the world of money for education you may want to begin with the US Department of Education’s website. The site offers information for students and financial aid professionals. If you work to help other secure financial the site may prove to be an invaluable resource for you as well.

Filing for financial aid as soon as possible is important. It can help you to secure as much funding as possible in some cases. It can also provide you with additional time to make corrections and seek other funding if necessary. From questions to the application, it is all awaiting you at the US Department of Education website now.

Top Home Based Businesses To Start Online

While I write this article, my kids are watching a Jetsons movie. Do you remember George Jetson and his boss, Spacely? Spacely is always yelling at George and threatening to fire him. While your boss may not be yelling at you all the time, the anxiety we feel going to work each day with the economy in the dumps can be just as bad. Never knowing if or when you might be fired from day-to-day is gut-wrenching. This is why so many are now looking into the top home based businesses to determine what business they can run from home.

If you own a computer and have a connection to the internet, as most of us do, then you can start a home based business working from home part-time leveraging the internet. This is ideal since you’ll want to keep your current job while working on your home business until it starts to generate significant income. One of benefits of having an online business where you are selling something, or are an affiliate for some product is that your business can run 24 hours a day, every day, all over the world.

Some top home based businesses for selling online include items you make from home like jewelry, crafts, art, clothing or digital media like how-to books, digital art and music.

If you choose to create something yourself to sell on over the internet, be sure it’s something you enjoy creating. Research your products to make sure there is a market for it and exactly who that market is. Expect to start out small and grow your business gently. This way, you avoid spending too much on materials and going broke before the business is off the ground.

Affiliate opportunities are also among the top home based businesses where you market another companies products from your web site or blog. The advantage here is that you don’t have to create anything yourself, but instead are paid a portion of the profits when someone purchases the product through your web site. Keep in mind however, that as an affiliate you are not selling the products, but rather providing information that helps others find these items. The merchants actually sell the products. Affiliate programs are among the top home based businesses to start since they require no previous experience and are easily set up. Sites such as have a huge number of items one can become an affiliate for, and, you can also be a vendor of your own digital media there as well.

Whether selling something you created or becoming an affiliate for someone elses product, you’ll likely need a website that establishes your internet presence. Some affiliate programs provide such a website when you join their program, or you could purchase web space from hosting sites such as Having your own space from a hosting company gives you the most flexibility in terms of what you put on your web site, but it costs a little more.

Save on Taxes With Your Best Home Based Business

Many of us are not aware of the fact that starting a home based business has its own benefits. Believe it or not, you can easily claim every single penny you spend on your best home based business. This may seem like a dream, but it can be transformed into reality. Being the owner of such business can access significant tax deductions for you.What are the Types of Tax Deductions and their BenefitsManaging a home based business has a lot of advantages. Apart from being your own boss, you can also save on taxes. The various deductions are defined in detail by IRS. Here is a brief description on some of the some deductions.Home Office Deduction:This deduction allows you deduct some or all of your office related expenses. In order to qualify for this deduction, your home office should be the primary place where the business is carried out. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the office space must be allotted strictly for business purposes and should not be used for any other purpose.Mortgage Interest:You can also deduct your mortgage interest as a percentage of the total mortgage paid for your house. In addition to this, improvements and repairs made on your home based business are also deductible. Property taxes paid on your house are also included.Insurance:This is particularly beneficial if you are the home owner and pay home owner’s insurance. If this is the case, you can easily deduct some percentage of expenses in addition to your rent and mortgage expenses.Additional insurance coverage allows you to deduct such expenses as direct business expenses. Apart from this, if you incur a loss on particular equipment used for your business, not covered by insurance, you can deduct the entire loss.Communication Expenses:According to the IRS, for any home based business, the first phone line is considered as a personal expense. Apart from this, any additional phone lines including cell phones used for business purposes can be deducted for tax. The fees made to internet service providers or other broadband expenses related to business can also be deducted.Entertainment and Meals:You might think this a bit funny, but this is actually true. If you take your existing or prospective client for lunch for business purposes, it is often considered to be tax deductible. If you plan to take deductions for these types of services, it is always advisable to maintain receipts in order to avoid any legal issues in the future.ConclusionAll the above mentioned facts are some of the tax deductions which you can claim with your home based business. However, you will need to be aware of all the IRS Guidelines in order to avail these benefits. You might also want to familiarize yourself with the IRS exceptions as well. And finally, your best resource foe advice is your professional auditor or accountant.

Internet Home Based Business – How Passionate Are You?

Passion is at the top of the list of essential skills that you will need to do extremely well, whether you are in sales or in an Internet home based business. A person in sales without passion is just an order-taker.Confidence through Passion:In your business opportunity from home, you can have a great product, an incredible field and an amazing marketing promotion. However if you do not have passion, it is hard to make a business take off. When you have passion, you speak with confidence, influence with authority and present with enthusiasm.When you are passionate and excited about a product or anything, people actually start noticing you. They want to know about something that can be so good. They will follow you just so that they can catch some of your exhilaration.There is no proxy for passion. If you do not have a strong, burning aspiration for what you are doing, there really is no chance for you, and you will not be able to work the long way in your Internet home business and be successful.Dedication:You really need to enjoy what you are doing because if you do not it will be hard to give the extra time, devotion and effort it takes to be successful.When you enjoy what you do and when you have the passion for it, you will give freely and be dedicated. You will not feel that you are making sacrifices in order to be successful in your business. Expectantly, when you are passionate and happy about your Internet home business, you will reach new heights very soon. New ideas will prop up and clear thinking will also help you a lot.Passionate People:Surround yourself with people who are passionate about their business and you will catch their zeal. Remember that you cannot be fervent just when you feel like it. You have to be zealous about your business and product all the time. There is absolutely no scope for switch off.So set an example with your business, and for your teammates or partners to be passionate. There is nothing more potent and more communicable than passion.It is the passion that will lead you to accomplishment. The good thing is that you will enjoy the trip. Without the passion you will not succeed. Be zealous and be successful in your endeavor.Not many people in this world are very successful. The simple reason behind this is they do not take failure as a learning process and they are not passionate about their work.Your dedication for Internet home based business in no time will get transformed into passion. When you work with passion the chances of your success apparently intensify.

How to Start a Home Based Business

How to start a home based business. As somebody who has had their own home based business for over twenty years, I get asked that question a ton. I always tell people that its easier then they might think but you have to be smart about it and not jump right in to a bad opportunity. And let me tell you something, there are a lot of bad home based business opportunities out there designed to make a handful of people a lot of money while in turn screwing a lot of innocent, unsuspecting people. Educating yourself is key to being protected form scams and just plane bad business opportunities.I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in my twenty years in the direct sales industry and I’ve also seen my share of truly inspiring, uplifting stories of rags to riches triumph. Unfortunately, most people rush into a business opportunity, most times at the behest of a well meaning friend who latter finds out he’s been the victim of an unscrupulous distributor. Don’t do or sign anything until you have done your homework.Fortunately for us, the question of how to start a home based business is a fairly easy one to answer in the age of the internet. There are a ton of business opportunities out there and you can research almost all of them from the comfort of your own home.My guess is that like most people, you are looking at a home based business like a multi-level-marketing company. A turnkey type business in which there is already an established product or service and a system to market it already in place. Now a quick note about MLM. Most people high tale it the other way when they hear those words, but let me tell you something, MLM and direct sales is one of the most viable business models out there today. Warren Buffet himself endorses MLM and direct sales as a superior way of getting goods and services into the hands of the consumer. And let me tell you, there is a ton of money to be made in this industry.The advantages to this system are that you don’t have to come up with your own product or service or a system to market it. All you have to do is get with a good solid company and plug into their system and your off and running.You will want to decide what it is you want to market. Do you want to sell a product or a service? Some companies offer both. Do you want to sell small ticket items like vitamins or cleaners or do you want to tackle the big ticket items like air purification or vacuum cleaners? Each has its challenges.Next you want to decide if you are going to be working from home or taking your show on the road. I can tell you from experience that the vast majority of home based business owners are opting to work from home via the internet. In my own business, I went from never hearing of the internet to marketing 100% online. Again, both have their advantages and disadvantages.Now, for the most important part about starting a home based business, the company. There are a lot out there. Most are, well lets just say most are crap. Most companies won’t be around long enough for you to learn their system. Your best bet is probably to go with a company with a long history of success that can be measured in decades. That’s not to say that there are not a lot of very good start up business’ but your research on them has to be spot on to avoid any future disappointment.One last thing. The trend today when starting a home based business is to hook up with several at the same time. My suggestion if you are new is to start with one until you have established yourself and then branch out. It can be challenging enough when your new to get the hang of things so why make it any harder then it needs to be. There will be plenty of time to expand your horizons in the future.So, if you want to start your own home based business, get off your butt and take action because it ain’t gonna happen if you don’t. Take massive action and take it today and success will be yours.

Cheap Property Abroad – Some Good Advice

Overseas property investors all know that the profits in any investment property abroad are made at the purchase. That is to say the property is bought cheap enough that capital gains are almost certain. Seasoned investors continuously search the overseas property markets for cheap property abroad, but is this really the best way to find a good investment property?I once learned of an apparent Chinese proverb which said “cheap things no good, good things no cheap “which runs along the lines of if it’s too good to be true it probably is.Cheap property abroad is cheap for a reason and this is where investors will have to place their attention. Why is this property so cheap?Off Plan propertyPre-construction property can be bought before a brick is laid and sometimes before even planning permission is granted. Off plan, property is a great way to make your profit on the purchase. Typically buying property at this early stage almost guarantees you a profit when the property is built and ready to sell. However investors need to study the market, in generally stable markets builders will offer the property cheap enough for investors to make a profit.Some builders will guarantee that the price of the finished property will be ‘X’. This can be ideal as investors can anticipate profits and even plan what they will do with the instant equity in their property once it has been finished. Investors need to be careful with title and planning permission and should seek legal advice to make sure that these are correct at the time of purchase. Off plan property can be cheap because the builder needs to raise funds to continue building and without your early investment money the project may not even start. Investors need to seek guarantees regarding projects that don’t take off. A safe way is to have your money held in an escrow account. Here are some considerations:1.) What guarantees do you have that the developer would not go under or this project would not go under?2.) Will my deposit be placed in an Escrow Account?3.) Research the building company, what work have they done in the past4.) Has the builder secured planning permission and local permissions for the project?5.) Are there any legal safeguards for foreign investors in the case of non-completion or poor construction work by the developer?6.) What if you decided to sell before completion of the project, would that be possible and would I be penalized in anyway?7.) How easy is it to buy and sell property in this country?8.) What if I decide to sell my (residence/hotel suite)?9.) Are there any other fees while the project is being built and what about after completion?10.) What do you anticipate the rental income to be once the facility opens based on current rates at similar properties?11.) What is the payment schedule?12.) What happens if the building is delayed?13.) What is the rental yield I can expect?14.) What are the tax and inheritance implications?15.) What is the buying process in this country?Cheap property for sale it could be the locationMany overseas markets have not been subject to the over-inflated prices that many European and US cities have undergone. These prices have been driven by demand over supply. So why has this not happen in the region that is offering cheap property? It is clear that many countries are new to the overseas property markets. Former eastern block countries are a good example of this. Regions that do not have very good access and low cost of living will also offer cheap property abroad. However, it could well be that there is so much land i.e. supply is plenty that property prices are not being pushed up. Emerging markets where investors have not had a chance to buy property could be ripe. Consider the buying and legal process some governments make foreign buyers jump through so many hoops that it puts investors off. Healthcare, government stability, lack of infrastructure all reason why the property is still cheap.It is clear that cheap property may not be all it seems but research can make cheap property abroad a profitable business for the overseas property investor. Investors who find cheap property abroad should know the reason why and identify features that will remedy these factors. A good example is a region with a lack of infrastructure but there are plans in place to improve upon these in the not too distant future. This sort of foresight can save money on the purchase and make money on sale.

A Common Sense Approach To Personal Finance And Debt

Many people are struggling under the burden of debt and are having problems bringing order to their finances. Arguments between spouses increase, as do stress levels. Often, they may feel they are on a treadmill, barely maintaining their current positions but making no progress at all.

If this sounds familiar to you, you might find it interesting that there is a way to apply common sense to your situation and bring both your debt and your personal finances under control. It isn’t an instantaneous fix and it will not be totally pain free, but it will work where other personal finance plans fail. It also isn’t some new idea (although many may find the concept somewhat novel) but a return to how things were done for centuries. Simply put, it is the idea of not spending more than you earn.

You may not like the idea of living within your means, but that may be because you do not truly understand how it relates to personal finance. It is not eschewing all debt, nor does it mean giving up everything you love. It does not mean you must wear rags, make soup out of catsup, or never taste cappuccino again. What it does mean is that you take control of your personal finances and debt.

The first thing you need to do to take control of your personal finances is to establish a workable budget. List all of your normal expenses and how much you spend monthly on them. If you are like most people when they first tackle their personal finances, there are going to be some things you do not know. It is not uncommon for many people to have no clue how much groceries cost each month, for example, or how much is spent on clothing. It may be necessary for you to track your expenses for a few weeks to get a good handle on your personal finances. In the meantime, start with fixed costs, such as your mortgage or car payments, and include your best estimate for flexible expenses. You can always adjust these next month.

Include a line item in your budget for savings, something that is often neglected in money plans. Set some target percentage to save, since even 3% of your income is better than nothing. Over a period of time, gradually increase the percent going into savings until it reaches at least 10%. Savings accounts, when reserved for true emergencies, are an important part of personal finance security. They mean you do not need to pull out a charge card if the hot water heater breaks or your car needs a repair. This in turn means that you are not increasing your debt load.

To examine how you regard personal finance and debt, consider the following scenario. Your net monthly income is $3,000. Your total payments are $2,500. If you make a credit card purchase of $4,000 that requires a monthly minimum payment of $400, you still have $100 before you exceed your income. A lot of people will say that is a true statement. It is not, because you actually went $1,000 over your income and $1,500 over what you had available to spend that month. There will be times when you have no choice but to charge something. Just keep in mind that in personal finance, it is the debt, not the payment that determines the health of your financial situation.

Enlist the support of all family members if you need to bring your personal finances or debt load under control. Each individual needs to consider what is most important-a college education or designer jeans? Keeping your home after retirement or going out for a steak dinner every week? With just a little cooperation, you can make drastic improvements to your personal finances and reduce your debts substantially.

Advertising Your Business In The 21st Century

Advertising all boils down to what you are wanting to accomplish from the advertising. Now I know you are probably thinking well the only thing I want to accomplish is to create more sales. Yes this is the ultimate goal of all businesses, but it will be different for each individual business, and that is what you have to take into consideration.

Different ways of advertising create a different effect to your prospective customers. If I have a business that is brand new I most definitely want to get sales right out of the gate, and there fore create immediate sales. That being said you must also think of the longevity of your business and brand recognition. For this example a good medium would be something along the lines of radio advertising over the course of 6 month minimum period, coupled with print media advertising in a magazine that is very specific to your industry. The radio advertising is going to create that brand recognition that you require, and the print media is going to allow you to advertise to customers in your industry that are ready to buy.

Another example would be a business that has been in business for over 20 years. Yes even this type of business should continue to advertise in order to increase their business. With consumers being so internet, and web savvy these days, I would recommend using the power of internet/social media advertising, and again couple that with a form of print media advertising. Again what we are doing here is finding out what is going to be the best medium for you to get your advertising message to the people you need to get it to most and that is your customers. Once you have acquired a customer it is a lot easier to retain them, and earn their repeat business than it is to acquire them in the first place.

The biggest mistake I find most businesses make when it comes to advertising is that they look at it as a Cost rather than an Investment. The reason they have this view is that they have done the wrong type of advertising in the past, and it hasn’t yielded the results for them that they wanted to achieve. Another big mistake is putting all of their proverbial advertising eggs into one basket. You need to marry certain forms of advertising mediums together in order to yield the best results.

Last thing you need to be doing and must be doing is measuring the results from your advertising. I have spoken to so many business owners who all have pretty much the same answer to this one question. “What type of results have you been getting from your advertising?” Here are the answers I almost always get.

1. Advertising doesn’t work, I haven’t gotten any sales.
2. I don’t know.

If you are spending money on advertising you had better know what is getting you results. I have gone so far as to ask a business owner this question while humming their radio ad jingle and he flat out told me advertising had no effect on his business other than costing him money. My response is “Only if you do it the wrong way!” I have also asked other business owners about a product they were featuring in a magazine ad, and they had to ask me what magazine I was referring to. WHAT? Track your results, and if you don’t know how to let me show you.

The Finer Points of Internet Auctions


Penny auctions have exploded in popularity with the massive growth of the internet. However, few people know the true origins of penny auctions.Beginnings actually stretch back to the Great Depression. Those were hard times for everyone, but even harder for farmers. Farmers struggled to bring in steady income because of droughts and crops not selling as well as they had previously. As a result, the banks would foreclose on the farmers who couldn’t keep up with their mortgage payments.

The banks weren’t satisfied with just repossessing the house, they wanted to raise as much capital as possible, so they resorted to selling off the possessions of the owners of the repossessed houses. There was not much the farmers could do about it so they began bidding ridiculously low prices, pennies, on the items while threatening others who dared to bid higher than a few pennies.

The auctions of today hardly resemble their tremulous beginnings. Being part of a penny auction today is exhilarating, fun, and addictive. It combines the selling format of auctioning with a little bit of chance factored in.Auctions are a game of strategy but also a game of luck.

The premise behind penny auctions is giving people the chance to win an item at a drastically reduced price.Auctions make that possible by spreading out the cost of the product among multiple bidders. In order for a person to take part in an auction, they must pay a set price for each bid. For example, if a person wanted to bid on a fifty dollar Amazon gift card then he would spend a dollar for each time a bid placed. If he ended up winning the gift card, then he would only have spent a few dollars for a fifty dollar gift card. Usually penny auctions sell bids in packages.


The main foundation of penny auctions is the pay-per-bid format. It is the key that allows bidders to win items at the fraction of their retail value and allows the auction owners to keep their site profitable. Most y auction sites run on the same premise: people pay a set amount for each bid, whenever a person places a bid within the closing seconds of the auction time will be added, the last person left with a unique bid after the clocks runs out will win the item. There are a large variety of items that can be won, but they tend to be popular electronics or gift cards to popular stores.

There are two types of auctions: lowest unique bid auction and highest unique bid auction. Lowest unique auction sounds confusing but it is actually quite simple. A unique bid is when only one person has a bid at a certain price. Bids usually start at one penny, a bidder can then place a bid at two pennies. Until another bidder places a higher bid, the most recent bidder will be the lowest unique bid because that was the only bid at two cents and nobody bid higher. However, penny auctions generally don’t stop at one penny. It is not uncommon to find auctions that end up at a couple hundred dollars based on the popularity of the item being auctioned. However, the same principles apply for those auctions. Highest unique bid auctions follow the more traditional auction format such as eBay. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction wins the item.

Auction site owners turn a profit by selling bids. Say twenty people are bidding on a ten dollar gift card at one dollar per bid, at the end of the auction if there were twenty bids placed in total then the site owner would have made twenty dollars with a ten dollar profit.Auctions do seem like a win-win situation:The site owner makes money while the bidder gets an item for dirt cheap. However, not everyone wins in penny auctions. The people who paid one dollar each bid but left with nothing to show for their investments will not be so happy.


Penny auction has a lot of chance mixed into it, but one can incorporate strategy that will help raise the chances of winning. Playing smart can make all the difference between gambling and auctioning.

The first crucial tip to winning penny auctions is to know how to manage your bids. Your goal should be to win as much as possible without spending a ton of money buying bids. Managing your bids means that you should already know how much you are willing to risk in order to win an item. The amount of capital you are willing to risk will determine how many bids you can use. Once you know how many bids you have to spend on an item, then you will be better able to manage how and when you place a bid. That will keep you from blowing away all of your bids in the first few seconds of the auction.

The next tip is to practice time management. When fighting in the trenches of penny auctions, you have two enemies: other bidders and time. Knowing when to bid is a must if you want to have success. Placing a bid when there is a lot of time left on the clock is never a good idea. You have to remember that the key to winning a penny auction is being the last one standing when the clock runs out and that each bid increases the amount of time left. It would be a good practice to wait until the last few minutes of the auction before you begin to bid.

The final tip for successful auctioning is to keep your emotions under control.Auctions have a lot of similarities to gambling, and just like gambling, your spending can get out of control. If you keep your emotions level, it will keep you from making rash decisions and blowing loads of cash. Keep your mind clear so that you can gage the behavior of the other bidders and outsmart them.


Penny auctions are a great addition to the web whether you want to win an item that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to afford or if you simply enjoy the thrill that comes with bidding in auctions. Unfortunately, scam sites have tarnished the reputation of the legitimate penny auction sites. However, there are ways that you can protect yourself from scamers and enjoy your auctioning without having to worry about losing your money due to dishonesty.

Checking the reputation of the auction site before you start spending your hard earned money is always a good idea. Chances are other people have tried the site before you and some of them have left reviews. The reviews are your way to gage whether a auction site is trustworthy or not. If a site is getting overwhelmingly negative reviews, then that is a clear indication that you should steer your business elsewhere.

Another tool you can use to protect yourself is checking the Alexia ranks of the auction sites. Alexia rank will give a solid view of how much traffic the auction is getting. If you see a huge difference in the amount of traffic Alexia is projecting and the amount of active bidders on the site, then warning signals should be ringing in your head. Some auction sites have been known to set up robots that automatically bid on projects in order to keep the auction going and inflate the price. That is known as shill bidding. You can sniff out those sites by comparing the traffic the site should be getting to the amount of users using this site.


New legislation may come out later down the road that will officially make penny auctions gambling, but until then, it is a fun, exciting auction that allows one to win the item they’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.Auctions are also quite lucrative for the site owners because of the pay-per-bid strategy they’ve incorporated. Penny auctions had humble beginnings with farmers who just wanted to get back at the banks who kicked them out of their house. More recently, auctions have enjoyed an explosion in popularity with the rise of the internet.

There are two main formats fora auctions, lowest and highest unique auction, however they both run on the same premise where the last unique bid wins the item. Winning a penny auction will require a certain amount of mental tactic and a bit of luck. However, you can increase your odds of winning by practicing certain techniques such as managing your bids wisely, learning how to work with the time, and keeping a level head and your emotions under control. When you combine those three strategies to your bidding plan, you will find that you win a lot more often.

It is important that you do your due diligence to protect yourself when participating in auctions. Not every auction is run by honest and trustworthy people. There are people out there who just want to take your money. You can protect yourself by ensuring that you only bid on sites that already have a very positive reputation from real users.

How to Find Great Live Auctions for Resale Items

Hi, my name is Walt. I’m an auctioneer with 25 years of experience in the auction business and licensed in the state of MA. I own Quick Auction Service, a company that specializes in building and running custom auctions, I’m also the webmaster of my own site and have been on eBay for 8 years. Besides eBay, the types of auctions I run most frequently are antiques and on-site estate auctions, although I’ve run everything from business overstock auctions to charity & special event auctions.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and stories of the auction business. My goal for article is to help folks get the absolute most out of their auction experience.

Whether your fresh out of the package or a seasoned dealer I think I can offer something in this article to help you with your auciton adventures.

There may be as many reasons to attend auctions as there are types of auctions to attend. Maybe you want to attend an auction to buy items for re-sale on eBay, or some other market. Maybe you want to furnish your home with wonderful antiques, or you want to furnish your home as inexpensively without sacrificing quality.Some folks are just looking for a fun night out. With a little perseverance all these things are possible.

There are antiques and estate auctions, auto auctions, overstock auctions, absolute and no reserve auctions, real estate auctions, specialty auctions where only one genre of items are sold, tailgate auctions, live auctions, online auctions, sealed bid auctions, silent auctions, charity and fund raising auctions and many more.

Can you really buy for pennies on the dollar at an auction? You bet! Many times I’ve seen folks buy and re-sell at the same auction on the same night for a good profit, although be advised, this should only be done after the auction is over.

There are a lot of ways to find an auction, but here are some tips on how to find and attend the best ones.

Visit the genre of shops in the area that apply to the type of auction you want to attend. IE: If your looking for a good antique auction to attend, stop in the local antiques shops and ask for what there are for good auctions in the area. Sounds obvious right? But listen to what they don’t say as well as what they do say. Oftentimes when a dealer speaks poorly about an auction he or she attends, it may be likely that they are trying to keep a good thing secret. Think for a moment, why would a dealer keep attending a lousy auction?

Newspaper ads: I personally like to find ads in the classified ad section rather than flashy display ads. Flashy ads are usually indicative of an auction that will be high priced, may have reserves, (a set price on an item), and usually an enormous crowd. While any auction can be profitable to attend, it is usually best to steer clear of the glitzy ones, at least for the beginner.

Here’s the minimum you want to find out before you go. If there is a phone number in the ad, call and ask for the terms of the sale. What forms of payment do they accept? Is it an absolute auction? An absolute auction is one that has no minimum or reserve bids on items. These are the best auctions to attend! Is there a buyers premium? A buyers premium is like a tax that everyone who makes purchases at that auction must pay above the winning bid price. Most auctions these days do charge a buyers premium, 10% is not unreasonable but I feel much more than that is greedy, and the auctioneer that charges over 10% is counting on most bidders not doing the extra math as the bids quicken in pace.

A fair auction will have ample time to inspect the merchandise, usually at least 2 or 3 hours. Find out when inspection starts and make sure to attend! Never attend an auction if you can’t make the inspection, not unless your prepared to gamble. Most auctioneers sell at a rate of about 100 items per hour, which is why they sell “as is”. They simply don’t have the time to give a detailed description of all the items. Since almost all items at auction are sold AS IS, there are sure to be some damaged, refinished, fake and incomplete items at any given auction. Beware of any auctions that offer very little or no inspection time.

Good auctions will usually have 150 to 400 lots. A lot may be one item or a group of items. The exception to this are specialty auctions, auto auctions, real estate auctions etc.

When you attend your first sale, take note of the 1/2 dozen or so dealers that buy the most often. See if you can find out about other area auctions they attend.

When you do find an excellent auction, attend it as often as possible. By frequenting good sales, you help increase the bottom line of that business. It’s difficult for many auctioneers to keep the quality of merchandise consistent, so good attendance certainly helps. And when an auctioneer gets to know you as a buyer, he/she will go out of the way to accommodate you, to keep you coming back.